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Revisions to CSM due to RDA

The Classification and Shelflisting Manual (CSM) contains the policies on assigning LC classification numbers and LC book numbers (i.e., shelflisting).  Originally written in the 1980s and last updated in 2010, the CSM reflects the AACR2 environment.  

The U.S. national libraries’ decision to implement Resource Description and Access (RDA) led the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) to review the CSM and determine which instruction sheets needed to be revised to reflect RDA instructions.  Generally, the text was updated to ensure consistency with past classification and shelflisting practice, and new examples were chosen.

Specialists in PSD also took this opportunity to reevaluate some long-standing practices both to simplify them and to make them more sustainable in today’s linked, global, environment.  

The priority was to first revise the instruction sheets that are most heavily affected by the implementation of RDA. Those sheets are now provided as PDFs on the ABA website at  PSD will also post additional instruction sheets there as the revisions are completed.  

PSD is planning staff briefings on the policy changes, the times and dates of which will be announced in the coming days. 

The brief descriptions of significant policy changes provided below are intended for guidance only.  The full instruction sheets should be consulted for instructions and examples. 

F 175               Editions      The instructions for classifying simultaneously published editions were clarified.  

F 632               Literary Authors      Individual literary authors born before 1925 and anonymous literary works published before 1925 must now be printed in the schedule (i.e., numbers must be proposed for them). The cutoff dates had been 1870 and 1899, respectively.      A section was added to clarify the classification of criticism and commentaries about an individual author’s works.

F 633               Literary Authors: Subarrangement of Works      Compilations are no longer classified either as collections or as separate works based on whether the author is still living.  Instead, the assignment of an RDA conventional collective title is now the sole determinant.      The caption Selections, which is used frequently in the literary author tables, will be revised to Selections. Extracts. Passages in order to clarify the distinction between Selected works and Selections.  

F 634               Literary Collections      The treatment of a literary collection versus a collection in which one of the works is predominant was clarified.

G 140              Dates      The examples of date formats were updated to reflect RDA instructions.      Policy on the use of work letters was revised.  New editions of works entered under corporate body should be assigned work letters beginning with b if necessary, to distinguish between editions published in the same year.  This change makes the policy for corporate bodies consistent with the policy for works entered under a personal name or title. [The instruction to use the workmark a for serials was not changed.] 

G 150              Translations      Several languages were added to the Translation Table.      Polyglot was redefined to mean that there are two or more translations present within a resource (previously, three translations were necessary).      The Cuttering practice for translations in which the language is not listed in the Translation Table was revised. Instead of repurposing a Cutter extension in the Table, the language should be assigned a unique Cutter extension.

(Source: PSD-LC)

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