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Identifyin​g Original and Translatio​n in same resource



This is in regards to 2011352604, which contains both the original text in Sanskrit and the Hindi translation. In AACR2, we would have had a 240 of Kalyāṇakāraka. $l Hindi & Sanskrit. In RDA, we would not have a 240. Instead, in theory, we would give 2 700s (as in the Mail Carrier example from the class materials):

700 02 ‡a Ugrādityācārya, ‡d 8th/9th century. ‡t Kalyāṇakāraka.
700 02 ‡a Ugrādityācārya, ‡d 8th/9th century. ‡t Kalyāṇakāraka. ‡l Hindi.

However, in this case, the 1st 700 would really result in the same N/T string as the 100/245 combo. So is it still required?


Yes, two 700 name/title analytics.   In some cases the preferred title may be the same as the 245 title proper, but in many other cases it won't be.  We just thought it would always be easier to say "make the analytics" than to say "sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t".  So it may be redundant in some cases.

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