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Compilation with the original language and 2 translations : RDA Example

CASE: Compilation with the Original language and Translations in two Languages Look at the following record from the LC Online Catalog and note the RDA cataloging treatment for preferred title: 010 __  |a  2013317195 020 __  |a  9789350870730 025 __  |a  I-San-2013-317195; 15 040 __  |a  DLC  |b  eng  |c  DLC  |e  rda 041 1_  |a  eng  |a  hin  |a  san  |h  san 042 __  |a  lcode 050 00  |a  MLCSA 2013/01309 (P)  |a  PK3799.J36 100 1_  |a  Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya,  |e  author. 245 10  |a  Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭiḥ /  |c  Rasarājaviracitā = Rasaraja’s 62 small flowery stories = 62 kathākusuma / Rasarāja- viracitā ; edited with English & Hindi translation by Dr. Gargi C. Pandit, Dr. Kalpana V. Gandhi, Varda A. Vasa, Vaidehi C. Pandit, Kaushalya R. Rajpurohit, Kamakshi H. Jani. 246 31  |a  Rasaraja’s 62 small flowery stories 246 31  |a  62 kathākusuma 264 _1  |a  Baroda :  |b  Savitri Prakashan,  |c  2013. 300 __  |a  xxiv, 348 pages ;  |c  22 cm 336 __

How Did RDA Come To Be?

AACR3? In the late 1990’s the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules decided to make changes for the future of AACR. It realized that the changes that give us a new way to look at our environment also give us new opportunities to improve how we deliver bibliographic information to users. Resource Description and Access In 2002, work had begun on a revision of AACR2, called AACR3 .  However, by April 2005, the plan had changed.  The reactions to an initial draft raised particular concerns about the need to move to closer alignment with the FRBR model and to build an element set. It was clear that we could not continue doing cataloging the way we always had.  We could no longer produce records in MARC format in systems that could not talk to the rest of the information community. A new plan was developed and the name was changed to Resource Description and Access to emphasize the two important tasks. Importantly, the Anglo-American


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