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Recording the Preferred Title for a Compilation of Works of One Person, Family, or Corporate Body

See RDA Rule for Recordingthe Preferred Title for a Compilation of Works of One Person, Family, or Corporate Body

RDA Rule is for CompleteWorks
RDA Rule is for CompleteWorks in a Single Form
RDA Rule is for OtherCompilations of Two or More Works
For compilations of musical works by a single composer, apply instead the instructions at (RDA).

For compilations of laws, etc., apply instead the instructions at (RDA).

For compilations of treaties, etc., apply instead the instructions at (RDA).

RDA Bibliographic Template for Monographs in Voyager ILS



Note: Tags 040/906/925/955 are cataloging agency specific and can be omitted/changed as appropriate

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Ongoing Conferences

Authority Records for Ongoing Conferences LC practice/PCC practice: For ongoing conferences, separate authority records may be created for the collective conference (typically made when cataloging a serial), an individual instance of an ongoing conference (typically made when cataloging a monograph), or both. These records may coexist in the LC/NACO authority file. A record for the collective conference should always be made to connect the earlier and later names of the collective conference.
Individual Instance of an Ongoing Conference LC practice/PCC practice: When creating an authority record for an individual instance of an ongoing conference, the additions for number, date, and location of a conference, etc. are given in the authorized access point. Variant access points may be given for variant names of the individual conference, such as acronyms for a spelled-out form. Generally do not connect an individual instance of an ongoing con…

RDA - in Cataloger's Desktop

Get the Most From RDA - in Cataloger's Desktop See the presentation NOW:

(Source: CDS, LOC)

Ask Questions to Library of Congress about RDA

Write to the account if:you have questions about existing headingsyou need assistance in creating a new RDA authority record because your library is not using RDA for cataloging.
PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines  These guidelines apply to PCC catalogers continuing to create RDA bibliographic and authority records after the RDA test period and to PCC catalogers needing to use an authorized access point established in an RDA authority record...

Government Bodies Recorded Subordinately

RECORDING NAMES OF GOVERNMENT BODIES AND OFFICIALS--GovernmentBodies Recorded Subordinately--Type 3
See RDA Rule for GovernmentBodies Recorded Subordinately

See RDA Rule for Director Indirect Subdivision
[Source: RDA Toolkit]
[Check NAR--n 2012215382--National Data Centre--Office of the Additional Director General of Meteorology (Research), Pune]


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