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Undifferentiated Personal Names in RDA Cataloging

Undifferentiated Personal Names in Resource Description and Access (RDA) Cataloging Rules: guidelines, best practices, and examples Contents: What is a Name Authority Record for Person What is an undifferentiated Name Authority Record What is the latest best practice on undifferentiated Name Authority Record Maintenance of existing undifferentiated records Examples of maintenance of undifferentiated Name Authority Records RDA attributes to create a unique authorized access point for the person being established Questions and Answers Author:  Salman Haider   [Revised 2016-02-16 | Written 2014-02-02] What is a Name Authority Record for Person: According to Glossary of Library & Information Science  of Librarianship Studies and Information Technology blog   Name Authority Record is a record which gives the authoritative form (the form selected for a heading) of a personal name in the library catalog or the file of bibliographic records, and are listed in

Date of Publication Distribution Copyright in RDA & MARC 21 Field 264 Examples

Date of Publication, Distribution, and Copyright in Resource Description and Access (RDA) Cataloging Rules  & MARC 264 Examples Table of Contents: Core Element How Date of Publication is defined Where the Rules are for Date of Publication in RDA What are the Sources of Information for Date of Publication in RDA How is Date of Publication Transcribed / Recorded in Resource Description and Access (RDA) Dates of the Non-Gregorian or Julian Calendar; Dates in the Form of Chronogram RDA Examples What to do if the date on the resource is incorrect Multipart Monographs, Serials, and Integrating Resources Date of Publication not Identified in a Single-Part Resource RDA Cataloging Examples of Dates Supplying Dates (Date of Publication Not Identified in the Resource) Importance of Supplying Probable Place and Date of Publication Examples of Supplying Publication Data Other RDA Examples of Dates Date of Distribution Where the Rules are for Date of Distribution in RDA


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