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RDA Template for Name of Corporate Body

RDA Template for Name of Corporate Body to be created in any Integrated Library Systems software
010‡a040‡a XYZ ‡b eng ‡e rda‡c ZYZ 046‡s [earliest date] ‡t [latest date]110*‡a [preferred name ofcorporate body]368‡a [type of corporate body] ‡c [other designation]370‡c [associated country] ‡e [headquarters] ‡f [other associated place]371‡a [address] ‡b [city] ‡c [intermediate jurisdiction] ‡d [country] ‡e [postal code] ‡m [e-mail] ‡s [start period] ‡t [end period]

Additions to the Preferred Name--Personal Names

Making a unique Name Authority Record (NAR) for a Personal Name according to RDA rules
Additions to the name as instructed under–

• (9.4 and 9.6): Title or other designation associated with the person
–Required for certain names

• (9.3.2/9.3.3): Date of birth and/or death
–Give if available

• (9.5): Fuller form of name
–Add to differentiate (LC!) Please remember that there has been a post-RDA Test policy change. LC will no longer routinely add fuller forms to authorized access point. LC will add only in cases of conflict. Those existing AACR2 headings with fuller forms will be “RDA acceptable” when the machine recodings of the LC/NACO Authority File take place.
• (9.3.4): Period of activity of person
–Add to differentiate

• (9.16): Profession or occupation
–Required for certain names; Can add to differentiate




RDA Authorities Cataloging Training: Authorities II

RDA: Authorities II
Family NamesCorporate Names: Introduction and AttributesCorporate Names: Authorized Access PointsCorporate Names: AACR2 and RDAGeographic NamesWork/Expression NARs

Names of Families

Module 5 (10:13)
Slides (PPT : 302 KB)

Demonstration 5
A look at name authority records for family names.

Demo (7:30)


Identifying Corporate Bodies: Overview / Recording the Attributes [Corporate Names: Introduction and Attributes]

Module 6.a (27:23)
Slides(PPT : 503 KB)

Demonstration 6.a
A look at several examples of RDA authority records for names of corporate bodies, concentrating on the attributes or identifying characteristics of the corporate body and how they are recorded in the authority record.

Part 1 (22:33)
Part 2 (15:12)

Handout (Word : 121 KB)

Quiz 6.a
Test your knowledge and understanding of RDA attributes for corporate bodies.

Introduction to the Quiz (23:09)
RIMMF Template (Word : 63…

RDA Template for Place Name

RDA Template for Place Name to be created in any Integrated Library Systems software


‡a 040

‡a XYZ ‡b eng ‡e rda‡c ZYZ  043

‡a [gac]

RDA Template for Conference, Meeting, Symposium Name


‡a 040

‡a DLC ‡b eng ‡c DLC ‡e rda 046

‡s [earliest date] ‡t [latest date]

RDA Descriptive Cataloging Training: Module 4 -- Relationships

Recorded Webinar(Nov. 16, 2012) [00:59:15] [MP4 : 47.4 MB]

(Aug. 2012) [PPT : 474 KB]

(Aug. 2012) [Word : 26 p. : 281 KB]

Test Yourself!: Relationships

(Source: Library of Congress (LC) RDA Training Materials)

RDA Refresher Training at LC: Special Topics

Art catalogs flowchart [DOC, 32 KB]Art catalogs [PPT, 756 KB]Compilations (updated July 2012) [PPT, 2.4 MB]Conferences (updated October 2012) [PPT, 1.5 MB]RDA Elements in NARs (updated September 2012) [PPT, 1.96 MB]Relationship Designators in RDA NARs (updated September 2012) [PPT, 774 KB]Revised editions [PPT, 507 KB] (Source: LC RDA pages)

Art catalogs examples (reviewed): LCCN: 2012354343


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