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Title and Statement of Responsibility in RDA with MARC 21 Examples

Contents: Title Proper    Title Proper TranscriptionParallel Title ProperOther Title InformationVariant TitlesEarlier Title Proper and Later Title ProperStatement of Responsibility   “Rule of Three” -- Change from AACR2!    More Than One Statement of Responsibility

Title Proper
Ø         Title proper is a CORE ELEMENT
Title proper is the chief name of a resource.  It is the focus for identifying the preferred source of information.  An alternative title is treated as part of the title proper.  The title proper excludes any parallel titles proper, other title information, and parallel other title information. 
This data is recorded in MARC field 245 $a $n $p
P         Look at instruction 2.3.2
Sources:           If the information does not appear on a source forming part of the resource itself, take it from one of the following sources (in order of preference): a)accompanying material (e.g., a leaflet, an “about” file) b)a container that is …

Resource Description and Access (RDA)

The RDA page is modified/added with new information from various sources on Resource Description and Access and Frequently Asked Questions on RDA. It answers following important questions and many others: What is RDA? Why RDA is needed?What are the benefits of RDA?How RDA can be accessed?Who is responsible for developing RDA?Who publishes RDA? RDA and MARC 21History and Development of Resource Description and AccessImportant dates in the history of RDASee also RDA Blog posts on: Introduction Background and History of RDA : Resource Description & Access

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Resource Description and Access (RDA)