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MARC Code List for Relators

RDA RELATIONSHIP DESIGNATORS   MARC Code List for Relators [Also Valid as Relationship Designator in Resource Description and Access (RDA) Cataloging] Relator terms and their associated codes designate the relationship between a name and a bibliographic resource. The relator codes are three-character lowercase alphabetic strings that serve as identifiers. Either the term or the code may be used as controlled values. URI(s) Instance Of MADS/RDF MADSScheme SKOS ConceptScheme   Top Scheme Members   Abridger   Actor   Adapter   Addressee   Analyst   Animator   Annotator   Appellant   Appellee   Applicant   Architect   Arranger   Art copyist   Art director   Artist   Artistic director   Assignee   Associated name   Attributed name   Auctioneer   Author   Author in quotations or text abstracts   Author of afterword, colophon, etc.   Author of dial


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