Saturday, October 26, 2013

Associated Institution (Revision of RDA Rule with Question and Answer)


Questions and Answers

Question: This recently revised instruction by which we now are to record the preferred name of the corporate body: what if the NAR for the body has not been set up yet? Must we create the NAR in order to add a 373? Or can we simply record the form as found on the resource?

or this question can be framed as below:

Question: Basically it's the form of the body given in the 373. I understand that it's supposed to be the preferred name (cf. If the body hasn't been set up, do we have to do so, in order to use its preferred form?

Answer: No we do not have to set it up.  (same as 370)

According to RDA Rule for Recording Associated Institutions you have to Record the name of an associated institution by using the preferred name for the institution