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Name/Title NAR (Name Authority Record) in RDA : Questions & Answers : RDA Examples

QUESTION: I have to create a N/T NAR for selections of stories of an author, but the NAR for the author is established in AACR2. How to create N/T NAR in this case, can we establish N/T NAR straightaway in RDA? ANSWER: In order to create a Name/Title Name Authority Record (NAR) for a MARC21 240 tag in Resource Description & Access (RDA), the base  Name Authority Record (NAR) for the person has to be also in RDA first. If the base NAR for the person is in AACR2, then it should be converted to RDA. For example, please see lccn: 2012350684 Bibliographic Record 100 0_  | a   Jayabhikkhu,   | d   1908-1969,   | e   author. 240 10  | a   Children's stories.   | k   Selections 245 10  | a   Jayabhikkhunī śreshṭha bāḷavārtāo =   | b   Jaybhikhkhuni shreshtha balvartao /  | c   śreṇī-sampādako, Yaśavanta Mahetā, Śraddhā Trivedī. 246 31  | a   Jaybhikhkhuni shreshtha balvartao 250 __  | a   Pahelī āvr̥tti. 264 _1  | a   Amadāvāda :   | b  

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) - MARC to RDA Mapping

MARC 21 FIELD TAG MARC 21 SUBFIELD CODE MARC 21 FIELD / SUBFIELD NAME RDA INSTRUCTION NUMBER RDA ELEMENT NAME 022 International Standard Serial Number 022 a International Standard Serial Number 2.15 Identifier for the Manifestation 022 l ISSN-L N/A 022 m Cancelled ISSN-L N/A 022 y Incorrect ISSN 2.15 Identifier for the Manifestation 022 z Cancelled ISSN 2.15 Identifier for the Manifestation [Source: RDA Toolkit] Thanks all for your love, suggestions,  testimonials , likes, +1, tweets and shares .... See also related posts in following  RDA Blog  Categories (Labels):

RDA Blog Pages

RDA Blog Pages (Click image to enlarge) |  About Me  |  RDA   |  About RDA Blog  |  RDA Resources  |  Cataloger’s Reference Directory  |  Contact Us  |  RDA Blog Testimonials   | RDA Blog  :  RDA Blog  is a blog on  Resource Description and Access  ( RDA ), a new  library cataloging  standard that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery, organized based on the  Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records  ( FRBR ), intended for use by libraries and other cultural organizations replacing  Anglo-American Cataloging Rules  ( AACR2 ). This blog lists description and links to resources on  Resource Description & Access (RDA) . It is an attempt to bring together at one place all the useful and important information, rules, references, news, and links on  Resource Description and Access ,  FRBR ,  FRAD ,  FRSAD ,  MARC standards ,  AACR2 ,  BIBFRAME , and other items related to current developments and trends in  libr

Identifying RDA Records

There are two indications that a record is an RDA bibliographic record: Leader/18 contains the value “i” (ISBD punctuation included)  Field 040 $e contains the code “rda” [Source: Library of Congress ]


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