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Numbering of Serials in RDA Cataloging

Numbering of Serials Numeric and/or alphabetic designation of first issue or part of sequence, chronological designation of first issue or part of sequence, numeric and/or alphabetic designation of last issue or part of sequence, and chronological designation of last issue or part of sequence are CORE ELEMENTS. Other numbering is optional. P          Look at instruction 2.6.1 Numbering of serials is the identification of each of the issues or part of a serial. It may include a numeral, a letter, a character, or the combination of these with or without an accompanying caption (volume, number, etc.) and/or a chronological designation (RDA 2.6.2-2.6.5). Recording Numbering of Serials Record numbers expressed as numerals or as words applying the general guidelines given under 1.8. Transcribe other words, characters, or groups of words and/or characters as they appear on the source of information. Apply the general guidelines on transcription given un

Inaccuracies in RDA

Please see   Inaccuracies [ RDA Blog post revised with Question & Answer on 2015-07-28] Please provide your comments on this interpretations of RDA Rules , as mentioned in the  Question & Answer  part of this  RDA Blog post . <<<<<---------->>>>> Comments: Comment by Bob Kosovsky, Curataor, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Music Division, The New York Public Library, New York, United States: Bob Kosovsky   Oh! I thought it was about things wrong in RDA. Rather, it's about how to deal with inaccuracies in cataloging materials.  smile emoticon <<<<<----- Revised 2016-01-18 ----->>>>> See also: RDA Blog  Home About RDA - Resource Description and Access About RDA Blog RDA Resources Cataloger's Reference Directory RDA Blog Testimonials Follow  RDA Blog  in Social Media:  Google+  |  Facebook  |  Google+ Community  |  Twitter  |  YouTube   |  SlideShare  |  Tumblr   |  WordPres

LC RDA Implementation of Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records

RDA RELATIONSHIP DESIGNATORS Library of Congress Implementation of Resource Description and Access Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records with MARC 21 RDA Cataloging Examples, Guidelines, and Best Practices Key points The training manual is only for relationship designators in  bibliographic  records. The  requirement  for providing relationship designators is only applicable to  creators , whether coded in MARC 1XX or 7XX. Relationship designators for Person-Family-Corporate Body  should not be used in a name/title access point tagged 7XX or 8XX, even if they are creators. If the nature of the relationship cannot be ascertained even at a general level,  do not assign a relationship designator  (if in doubt, leave it out). Other relationship designators are encouraged. The element name, e.g., “creator”, may be used as a relationship designator when you can’t determine a more appropriate relationship designator. The training manual also provides a useful se


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