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Establishing Certain Entities in the Name or Subject Authority File : RDA Cataloging

Subject Headings Manual — Name vs. Subject Authority File — H 405 Establishing Certain Entities in the Name or Subject Authority (Revised) 1. General rule. Whenever a new heading is needed for a named entity, consult the two lists on pp. 5-13 to determine whether the heading is categorized as a Group 1 or Group 2 heading. Follow the procedures appropriate to the group. If neither the precise category, nor a broader category that encompasses the precise category, nor a very closely analogous category is found in either of the two groups, bring the matter to the attention of the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) for an interpretation and possible addition of the category to one of the lists.  GROUP ONE - NAME AUTHORITY GROUP HEADINGS: Named entities always established according to descriptive cataloging conventions with authority records that always reside in the name authority file. GROUP TWO - SUBJECT AUTHORITY GROUP HEADINGS: Named entities always established accordin

Articles, Books, Presentations on Resource Description and Access (RDA)

Resource Description and Access (RDA) ➨ Articles, Books, Presentations, Thesis, Videos Awareness, Perceptions, and Expectations of Academic Librarians in Turkey about Resource Description and Access ( RDA ) D Atılgan, N Özel, T Çakmak - Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 2014 Resource Description and Access (RDA), as a new cataloging standard, supports libraries in their bibliographic description processes by increasing access points. The increasing importance of RDA implementation requires adaptation to a new bibliographic universe. ... China's Road to RDA C Luo, D Zhao, D Qi - Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 2014 ... 9 (2012): 3–5. 8 Jiang Hualin, “Analysis on the Use Method and the Function of Resource Description and Access Toolkit,” Library Development (Harbin) no. 9 (2012): 24–26. ... 10 Tang Caixia, “Resources Analysis of RDA Toolkit,” Library Journal (Shanghai) 32, no. ... RDA in Spanish: Translation Issues and Training Imp


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