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Resource Description and Access (RDA) ➨ Articles Tech Services on the Web: RESOURCE DESCRIPTION ANDACCESS (RDA) BLOG http://resourcedescriptionandaccess. blogspot. comEY Wong - Technical Services Quarterly, 2014 The frequency of the posts is steady throughout 2013. Some of the posts are extracts from RDA toolkit and other trusted cataloging sources; other posts are snapshots of cataloging records intended to provide interpretations on certain cataloging scenarios. The … Implementing RDA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign LibraryQ Jin, JA Sandberg - Technical Services Quarterly, 2014 Technical Services Report: Cataloging in RDA and Linked Data environments. A Report of the ALCTS Cataloging & Metadata Management Section, Cataloging and …A Guimaraes - Technical Services Quarterly, 2014 Beyond Content, Media, and Carrier: RDA

RDA Cataloging Examples for Creating Variant Titles for Portion of Title Proper - Best Practices

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For titles proper that contain an alternative title, ensure title access to the complete title proper to the first part of the title proper up-to the word "or" or equivalent in another language that signals an alternative title and to the part following the word "or" or its equivalent in another language.If the title proper contains a part or designation of a part, or both, make a variant title usually for the part when it is judged intelligible enough to be a likely candidate for access.Make a variant title for a portion of a title proper, when it is judged that some user would consider the portion as the title proper. 
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DATE OF PUBLICATION NOT IDENTIFIED IN THE RESOURCE - RDA EXAMPLES CASERDA / LC PCC-PS EXAMPLEapproximate date[2014?]supplied date[2014]date of publication not identified[date of publication not identified]two years[2013 or 2014]

not before264 #1 $a … $b … $c [not before 1980]
008/06 Type of date - q
008/07-10 - 1980
008/11-14 - uuuunot after264 #1 $a … $b … $c [not after 1980]
008/06 Type of date - q
008/07-10 - uuuu
008/11-14 - 1980betwen years with date[between March 13, 2000 and July 10, 2014]betwen years with date264 #1 $a … $b … $c [between 1993 and 1999]
008/06 Type of date - q
008/07-10 - 1993
008/11-14 - 1999
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