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RDA LC-PCC PS Revision

RDA Toolkit Update, August 11, 2015 - Changes in Resource Description and Access (RDA) and Library of Congress - Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS) and RDA Toolkit TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs TOPIC 3: Functional Changes in the RDA Toolkit TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content : Fast Track changes The PDF file mentioned in the URL below from RDA JSC site identifies the "Fast Track" changes to RDA that will be included in this release (6JSC-Sec-16.pdf); Fast Track changes are not added to the RDA Update History.  While you are encouraged to peruse the changes, there are no significant changes. TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs A summary of LC-PCC PS updates incorporated in this release is available at  August 11, 2015 release of the RDA Toolkit .  Catalogers should review the following policy statements: 1.8.2, First Alternative:  revised to include an exception for C

LCSH - Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 202 and H 203 Revised

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) - Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 202 and H 203 Revised New post of Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog describing the Revisions to Subject Headings Manual Instruction Sheets on Authority Research (H 203) and Source Citations (H 203) Note: Subject Headings Manual (SHM) provides guidelines to use Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). The manual was originally conceived as an in-house procedure manual addressed to cataloging staff at the Library of Congress. From the very beginning, however, the manual included not only procedures and practices to be followed by LC catalogers but also substantive explanations of subject cataloging policy. Other libraries who wish to catalog in the same manner as the Library of Congress as well as faculty at schools of library science who wish to teach Library of Congress subject catalogi

RDA Bibliography

RDA Bibliography Articles, Books, Presentations, Thesis, and Videos on Resource Description and Access (RDA) & Cataloging Articles Resource Description and Access (RDA) Database Enrichment: The Path to a Hybridized Catalog . Roman S. Panchyshyn , Amey L. Park. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue. 2, pages 214-233.  FRBR, Twenty Years On . Karen Coyle. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 265-285.  Breaking Records: The History of Bibliographic Records and Their Influence in Conceptualizing Bibliographic Data . Rachel Ivy Clarke. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 286-302.  A Comparison of Recorded Authority Data Elements and the RDA Framework in Chinese Character Cultures . Maiko Kimura. 2014. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.  A Turning Point for Catalogs: Ranganathan's Possible Point of View.  Carlo Bianchini , Mauro Guerrini. 2015. Volume 53,

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Classification : Glossary of Library & Information Science

Classification : Glossary of Library & Information Science New Post on  Librarianship Studies & Information Technology  Blog provides a comprehensive definition of Classification or Library Classification or Book Classification or Bibliographic Classification. http://librarianshipstudies. classification-glossary- library.html This new  encyclopedic  entry in the  Glossary of Library & Information Science  of the  Librarianship Studies & Information Technology  Blog answers following questions? What is classification? What classification does? Where classification in applied in a library setting? How is library classification different from knowledge classification and scientific classification? What is the structure of classification systems? What is significance of notation in classification? How classification assist library users and staff? What are the alternative approaches to provide subject access to library p


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