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RDA LC-PCC PS Revision

Resource Description and Access RDA

RDA Toolkit Update, August 11, 2015 - Changes in Resource Description and Access (RDA) and Library of Congress - Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS) and RDA Toolkit

TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content
TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs
TOPIC 3: Functional Changes in the RDA Toolkit

TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content : Fast Track changes

The PDF file mentioned in the URL below from RDA JSC site identifies the "Fast Track" changes to RDA that will be included in this release (6JSC-Sec-16.pdf); Fast Track changes are not added to the RDA Update History.  While you are encouraged to peruse the changes, there are no significant changes.

TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs

A summary of LC-PCC PS updates incorporated in this release is available at August 11, 2015 release of the RDA Toolkit.  Catalogers should review the following policy statements:

1.8.2, First Alternative:  revised to include an exception for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Perso-Arabic, Cyrillic, and Greek catalogers to substitute Western-style arabic numerals when numbers are found in non-Latin scripts.  For Hebrew script catalogers, also note changes to the options at and similar instructions for adding Gregorian date when a date in the Hebrew script is being recorded.

1.8.2, Second Alternative: the LC practice for supplying equivalent numbers has been revised; LC catalogers may now supply such equivalents (e.g., a date in arabic numerals when roman numerals are on the resource) if considered important., At the request of the PCC Series Policy Task Group, the instructions for sources of series statements and series numbering have been revised with respect to information transcribed from “sources within the resource”.,,  Information on authorized access points for librettos has been revised in consultation with the Music Library Association.,  A new policy statement has been developed for those cases when it is not feasible to record *all* locations of a conference, etc. (more common for certain types of sporting events).  The statement allows for recording an applicable larger place (or places), or a single place primarily associated with the conference, etc., (e.g., a host city).

TOPIC 3: Functional Changes in the RDA Toolkit

There are no functional changes in the RDA Toolkit in this release.
The next planned release of the RDA Toolkit will be in October 2015.

Source: Library of Congress

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