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Library Circulation : Glossary of Library & Information Science

Library Circulation : Glossary of Library & InformationScience New Post on Librarianship Studies & Information Technology Blog provides a comprehensive definition of Library Circulation and related terms, viz. Circulation Desk, Circulation Analysis, Circulation History, and Circulation Statistics.

Libhub Initiative

The Libhub Initiative aims to raise the visibility of Libraries on the Web by actively exploring the promise of BIBFRAME and Linked Data.   The objective of The Libhub Initiative is to publish BIBFRAME resources to the Web, cross-link resources which are common among libraries, and, through cross-linking improve the ability for people to discover these resources on the open Web. The goal is ultimately that users would then be able to click on appropriate resources and be taken back to the library’s catalog.  Libraries and memory organizations have rich content and resources the Web can't see or use today -- effectively making them dark collections and invisible archives. IMAGINE if libraries could represent themselves together in a way the Web could see and understand. This unified voice and utility is among the core promises of BIBFRAME and the Linked Data in Libraries movement.   [Source: Libhub ] BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework) is a data model for


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Resource Description and Access (RDA)