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F.5 Indic Names F .5.1.1 Early Names F .5.1.2 Modern Names See also LC-PCC PS for F.5.1.2  (Important) <<<<<=====>>>>> Please note that for  Early Indic Names: For an Indic name of a person who was active before the middle of the nineteenth century, record the first part of the personal name as the first element. ( RDA F .5.1.1) <<<<<=====>>>>> Following rule is revised in Classification and Shelflisting Manual (CSM) due to RDA F 632 : Literary Authors  : Individual literary authors born before 1925 and anonymous literary works published before 1925 must now be printed in the schedule (i.e., numbers must be proposed for them). The cutoff dates had been 1870 and 1899, respectively.      A section was added to clarify the classification of criticism and commentaries about an individual author’s works. [This rule applies generally to literary authors and not specifically for Indic au

RDA Toolkit Essentials: May 16, 2012

RDA Toolkit Essentials: May 16, 2012 9:30 AM CDT from ALA Publishing on Vimeo . The webinar RDA Toolkit Essentials serves as an introduction and guide to using RDA Toolkit. Unlike past webinars, it is not a one-off event. Instead, it will return every other month (typically on the third Wednesday), and each occurrence of RDA Toolkit Essentials will focus on exactly that--the essentials of using RDA Toolkit. We'll review subscription options, logging in, navigating, creating Workflows, and setting bookmarks. We'll cover the variety of content available and offer tips for getting more from your account. And above all, we will answer your questions. Thanks all for your love, suggestions,  testimonials , likes, +1, tweets and shares .... See also related posts in following  RDA Blog  Categories (Labels):


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