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The About This Blog page is modified. Please view and post your comments / feedback / suggestions in the Guest Book . <<<<<---------->>>>> RDA Blog  :  RDA Blog  is a blog on  Resource Description and Access  ( RDA ), a new  library cataloging  standard that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery, organized based on the  Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records  ( FRBR ), intended for use by libraries and other cultural organizations replacing  Anglo-American Cataloging Rules  ( AACR2 ). This blog lists description and links to resources on  Resource Description & Access (RDA) . It is an attempt to bring together at one place all the useful and important information, rules, references, news, and links on  Resource Description and Access ,  FRBR ,  FRAD ,  FRSAD ,  MARC standards ,  AACR2 ,  BIBFRAME , and other items related to current developments and trends in  library catalogi


LC-PCC PS for 1.7.1  (RDA) GENERAL GUIDELINES ON TRANSCRIPTION   (Below is the Table of Contents; for complete text of this LC-PCC PS, click above) Introduction  LC practice/PCC practice: This Policy Statement is an overall statement related to punctuation/spacing conventions. For convenience, it addresses in one place conventions applicable to access points in bibliographic and name authority records and those applicable to other parts of the bibliographic record. Much of the data in a MARC record are explicitly identified by content designation (tags, indicators, subfield codes). Upon output or display, the content designation is used to determine various display conventions including spacing. Internally there is often no spacing at all but instead content designation, particularly subfield codes. In displays that do not show content designation, spacing is substituted. How much spacing is at the discretion of a particular system. However, for data that


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