Saturday, June 8, 2013

RDA Policies for Library of Congress

LC policies for a few topics recently discussed by the ABA Management Team.  These policies either confirm that the interim policies LC staff have been following are still in place, or note where policies will be different in the post-March period.

The topics covered are:

Policy 1:  RDA Acceptable Authority Records after March 31, 2013
Policy 2:  Monographs Imported from OCLC (including copy cataloging)
Policy 3:  CIP Verification
Policy 4:  Working with Existing Serial Records
Policy 5: Added Volumes for Multipart Monographs
Policy 6:  Manual Hybridization of AACR2 Records with RDA Elements

All staff involved with creating and updating LC/NACO authority records should pay particular attention to Policy 1 on the treatment of authority records. Policies 2-6 are primarily applicable to ABA and other processing units choosing to follow them.  

These policies are also posted at 

Phase 2 Changes to the LC/NACO Authority FileAlso note that the Phase 2 changes to the LC/NACO authority file were completed this week-- 371,942 records were updated as part of this process.  Should you encounter one of these revised headings in your normal work, please use the new authorized form in your bibliographic record.  A similar automated change is being planned for updating headings in bibliographic records, but until this process is complete, headings will be out of synchronization between the authority record and bibliographic records.  Until the automated changes to bibliographic records are complete, it is not necessary to perform bibliographic file maintenance on existing bibliographic records, nor report the discrepancies to PSD.

Questions on these policies may be sent to