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RDA Tookit Release (October 14, 2014) : Changes in and Revision of Resource Description & Access and LC-PCC PS

A new release of the RDA Toolkit was published on Tuesday, October 14 .  This  message will cover several points you should be aware of related to the release.  TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs TOPIC 3: Additional Content in the RDA Toolkit TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content This update only contains  “Fast Track” changes that are relatively minor (these are not flagged in the RDA text with revision history icons).  The linked file 6JSC-Sec-13.pdf contains a complete listing of the Fast Track changes. You’ll note that many of the changes are to examples, including moving some examples to more appropriate instructions, replacing some examples, and adding initial articles to some preferred and variant titles, etc.—note that the addition of the initial articles are intended to exhibit the base instruction at RDA, and that LC/PCC   practice is to  OMIT  initial articles   (per, Alternative, etc.), so  do not  interpret t


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