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RDA - Production Publication Distribution Manufacture Date - MARC 264

MARC field 264 (formerly known as the publication, distribution, field in AACR2) is the home for many different RDA elements.  MARC field 264 will replace field 260 so that each of the different types can be coded explicitly. We will talk about the following areas:
Production statement (2.7)Publication statement (2.8)Distribution statement (2.9)Manufacture statement (2.10)Copyright date (2.11) [Source: Library of Congress]
Please note that relevant rules are available in RDA RULES-CHAPTER 2
Some popular RDA Blog posts on PUBLICATION DISTRIBUTION ETC.MARC-260MARC-264, and DATE using guidelines from RDA RULES-CHAPTER 2 are following: Date of Publication in RDA & MARC 21 ExamplesName of Publisher in RDA & AACR2 & MARC 21 ExamplesPlace of Publication in RDA & AACR2 & MARC 21 ExamplesRDA Rules Toolkit & LC-PCC PS Revision (Contains description of RDA REVISION for Distribution Statement (2.9), Manufacture Statement (2.10), and Copyright Date (2.11))Temporary / Perm…

Salman Haider Author - Facebook Page

I have created a Facebook Page Salman Haider Author
I am using this to share and communicate and discuss my writings on Librarianship Studies and Information Technology, Library and Information Science, Resource Description and Access - RDA, Library Cataloging, Library Classification, Subject Headings, Information Access Through The Subject, Library Management, etc. I write eight Blogs on Library and Information Science. Some of these blogs have their own Facebook Pages. If you wish to be notified of all my writings in Library and Information Science, then you should "Like" this Facebook Page, as this page is created to broadcast information about all the works of Salman Haider through one page.
I will also post here items which are not covered by RDA Blog, Librarianship Studies and Information Technology Blog, and Information Access Through The Subject Blog.
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EDTF Date - 046 - RDA Cataloging Examples

RDA Cataloging Examples of use of Extended Date Time Format (EDTF) in MARC 21 field 046 for Special Coded Dates in Resource Description and Access (RDA) Name Authority Records
DCM Z1 046 update in Cataloger's Desktop 2015 Issue 3 release

Cataloger's Desktop 2015 Issue 3 was released on August 11, 2015. This release includes an important update to DCM Z1 instruction sheet 046, Special Coded Dates. 

LC/NACO catalogers: please note that the formatting of dates in the 046 field has changed.

When supplying dates in field 046, use the Extended Date Time Format (EDTF) schema in all cases except for centuries; supply dates using the pattern yyyy, yyyy-mm, or yyyy-mm-dd; always add subfield $2 edtf except after a century. The more consistent use of $2 edtf is based on a PCCLIST discussion suggestion to simplify the use of $2 (always use except for centuries).
046 ## $f 1884-10-11$g 1962-11-07 $2 edtf
046 ## $s -0199~ $2 edtf
046 ## $f 1946-06 $2 edtf
046 ## $f 1960 $2 edtf
046 ##…

Subject Heading : Glossary of Library & Information Science

Subject Heading : Glossary of Library & Information Science
New Post on Librarianship Studies & Information Technology Blog provides a comprehensive definition of Subject Heading. This new encyclopedic entry in the “Glossary of Library & Information Science” of the “Librarianship Studies & Information Technology” blog answers following questions?
What is Subject Heading? What Subject Heading does? Where Subject Heading is applied? What is vocabulary control and why is it important? How Subject Heading assist library users and staff? What are the alternatives to Subject Heading? What are the popular Subject Heading Lists? Librarianship Studies & Information Technology Blog will be more focused on the techniques of Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) by use of Classification & Shelflisting Manual (CSM) and Subject Headings Manu…


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