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Compilations, Selections, Translations in RDA & AACR2 & Cutter Numbers : Questions & Answers

How do you cutter a translation of a new collection of stories or poems by one author? How would you account for the collection title in the original language? Under the new guidelines in RDA, many compilations of poems, stories, etc. by one author that used to be cuttered and treated as separate works according to the old LCRI 25.10 because the collection had a “distinctive” title are now given a conventional collective title and cuttered as collections or selections according to CSM F633.  However, there isn’t an example in F633 which illustrates what to do with the original title proper of a translation of collected poems, stories, etc. if the original collection title was “distinctive”. In some cases, the collection in the original language wasn’t published long enough ago for it to have necessarily “become known” by that title (the original collection and translation may even be published in the same year). So, according to RDA, the translation of such a collect

RDA Rules Toolkit & LC-PCC PS Revision

RDA Toolkit Update, April 14, 2015  A new release of the RDA Toolkit is published on Tuesday, April 14. This message will cover several points you should be aware of related to the release.  TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs TOPIC 3: Functional Changes in the RDA Toolkit TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content There are two types of changes in the RDA content for this update: 1) the fourth annual major update to RDA based on the decisions made by the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) at their November 2014 meeting; and 2) “Fast Track” changes that are relatively minor and typical of a release update. Revisions from JSC actions: The changes to individual instructions are identifiable by the “revision history” icon in the RDA Toolkit (a dark blue rectangular icon with the date "2015/04").  A complete listing of all changes due to the proposal process will appear in the left-side table of contents pan

Clarification of Role in Statement of Responsibility : RDA Rule : Questions & Answers

Question on Clarification of Role in Statement of Responsibility : RDA Rule by Omar Hernández Perez: Hi What language  is add a word or short phrase if necessary to clarify the role of a person, family, or corporate body named in a statement of responsibility? RDA 1.   language/script of the resource  2.   language of the agency  Russlan und Ludmila : Oper in 5 Aufzügen /Mikhail I. Glinka ; [ editado por ] M. Balakirew und S. Liapunow Answer:   RDA suggests to Add a word or short phrase if necessary to clarify the role of a person, family, or corporate body named in a statement of responsibility. Also it prescribes to indicate that the information was taken from a source outside the resource itself. The Addition made should be in the language/script of resource in which title proper is given. There is one RDA Rule for " Preferred Sources of Information in Different Languages or Scripts " : If the resource contains

Librarianship Studies & Information Technology (LS & IT) Blog

About Librarianship Studies & Information Technology (LS & IT) Blog   Learn librarianship and information technology with Librarianship Studies & Information Technology (LS & IT) Blog , a blog on studies, research, techniques, technology, best practices, and latest news on librarianship, library and information science, and information technology. Whether you are studying, doing research, or a working professional, this is the place for you... For Librarians, i-School Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) & Ph.D Students & Researchers and IT Professionals  Contents:  INTRODUCTION TO LS & IT BLOG LS & IT BLOG PAGES  LS & IT BLOG SEARCH  LS & IT BLOG SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW  LS & IT BLOG CATEGORIES (LABELS)  LS & IT BLOG IN SOCIAL MEDIA  LS & IT BLOG IN SOCIAL MEDIA The posts of  Librarianship Studies & Information Technology  ( LS & IT ) are also available at the companion Go

RDA Blog Posts Revision

Following  RDA Blog  posts are revised: Use of 500 and 510 Field to Show Relationships in a Corporate Body Name  [Revised on 2015-04-13] Editor of Compilation vs Compiler  [Revised on 2015-03-31] Conventional Collective title / Uniform title : Questions and Answers  [Revised on 2015-04-03] See also: RDA Blog Testimonials & Reviews  


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