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043 - Geographic Area Code - MARC 21 Bibliographic

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043  Geographic Area Code (NR)

The 043 is a subect field, and while presently connected to place names used in the 6xx fields, has absolutely nothing to do with RDA. --Aaron Kuperman

042 - Authentication Code - MARC 21 Bibliographic


This statement is in response to questions stimulated by 2A cataloging done under RDA.  2A cataloging is a cataloging technique applied to certain unnumbered (or, rarely, partially numbered) multipart sets classified as a collection and not analyzed.  Such materials are judged of significance primarily as a group; individual items are not considered significant enough to catalog separately.  Though the set is "made up" because the individual items lack numerical designation, the individual items in the set are usually closely related by subject and other strong similarities, such as title (or parts of title), issuing body, or publisher.
With respect to the inventory aspect of 2A cataloging under RDA, we want on the one hand to make it clear in the bibliographic record the state of the material as it was issued by the publisher but on the other hand to state clearly the rearrangement/repackaging that LC has done.  Thus, the extent statement (300 $a) expresses th…

041 - Language Code (R) - MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full

040 - Cataloging Source - MARC

Add subfield $d {MARC 21 code} when modifying NARs or SARs unless your institution's is already the last MARC subfield $d in the 040 field.
For example if LC is modifying agency, when making revisions to a NAR, we should add a $d DLC to the 040, if that is not the latest subfield present.

040 - Cataloging Source (NR)

022 - International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) (R)


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