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LC Cataloging Staff Involved in US RDA Test to Resume RDA Cataloging in November 2011

To help LC in carrying out its responsibilities for (1) the ongoing development of  RDA , and (2) the creation and/or revision of training materials supporting documentation for LC, PCC, and the U.S. library community, most of the LC cataloging staff who participated in the U.S. RDA Test will return to using  RDA  for cataloging starting in November 2011. Documents identifying changes in LC policies from those followed during the U.S. RDA Test and refresher training materials prepared for LC’s  RDA  cataloging staff will be posted on LC’s web site for preparation for  RDA  ( ). [21 October 2011] Thanks all for your love, suggestions,  testimonials , likes, +1, tweets and shares .... See also related posts in following  RDA Blog  Categories (Labels):

Rewording of RDA: Resource Description and Access

At its  August 24 meeting , the Committee of Principals requested that ALA Publishing on behalf of the Co-Publishers of RDA: Resource Description and Access work with the JSC and the U.S Test Committee to formulate a plan for the rewording of RDA and to define the role of the copy editor. Today the Co-Publishers are releasing  "The Plan for the Rewording of RDA and the Role of the Copy Editor" . The statement details the editorial steps necessary to reword  RDA  and sets a goal of submitting five chapters for review by the JSC and then the U.S Test Committee no later than June 2012. The search to identify a copy editor with the knowledge and skills to take on this assignment is underway. More details about the copy editor and the rewording plan will be shared as soon as they become available.  (Source: RDA Toolkit ) See also: RDA Blog  Home About RDA - Resource Description and Access About RDA Blog RDA Resources Cataloger's Reference Directory RDA Blo

RDA in Europe (documents and presentations)

RDA in France RDA in Europe: Report of the work in progress in France; proposal for a EURIG technical meeting in Paris RDA in Europe: making it happen! EURIG-JSC seminar on RDA (8 Aug 2010, Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark) General All documents are in PDF. Final notification Programme List of participants Presentations Presentations are in PDF and/or PPS. RDA in BNE / Mar Hernández Agustí  [PDF]   [PPS] RDA future development: governance, participation and future change / Caroline Brazier  [PDF]   [PPS] A long and winding road: RDA from principles to practice / Alan Danskin  [PDF]   [PPS] German translation issues / Christine Frodl  [PDF]   [PPS] Germany on track for international standards: RDA / Renate Gömpel  [PPS] RDA in Finland / Tuula Haapamäki  [PDF]   [PPS] French libraries moving to RDA? Key issues / Françoise Leresche & Françoise Bourdon  [PPS] RDA in Europe: making it happen : summary of presentations by European countries on plans for mo


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