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Named Conferences

Under RDA a conference name need not contain a word that denotes a conference, to be considered named

                LCRI 21.1.B1 has no equivalent in RDA or in the LC-PCC PS

          LCRI 21.1.B1:
          “… when deciding whether a phrase is a name is that the phrase must include a word that connotes a meeting:  "symposium," "conference," "workshop," "colloquium," etc.”


A named conference need only fulfill these RDA definitions
l  RDA 8.1.2
                Person, Family, and Corporate Body:
                “The term corporate body refers to an organization or group of persons and/or organizations that is identified by a particular name and that acts, or may act, as a unit.”
l  RDA 8.1.3
    “The term name refers to a word, character, or group of words and/or characters by which a person, family, or corporate body is known.”


l  Conference names eligible for use as an authorized access point (111 or 711)
          Freedom & Faith
          Digital Library Futures: User Perspectives and Institutional Strategies
l  Considered unnamed under AACR2, but named under RDA
l  May not convey the idea of a corporate body (conference)


Additions to names
l  RDA
                Names Not Conveying the Idea of a Corporate Body:
                “If the preferred name for the body does not convey the idea of a corporate body, record a suitable designation in the language preferred by the agency creating the data.”
l  Examples:
          Freedom & Faith (Conference) (1984 : Saint Charles, Ill.)
          Digital Library Futures: User Perspectives and Institutional Strategies (Conference) (2009 : Milan, Italy)


See also LC-PCC PS for
l  Initialisms and Acronyms
          “If the name chosen for the authorized access point for a corporate body is an initialism or acronym written in all capital letters (with or without periods between them), add a qualifier to the name.”
l  Example:
                 CICA (Conference) (2011 : Hangzhou, China)


[Source: Library of Congress RDA Training Materials]

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