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QUESTION: I have to create a N/T NAR for selections of stories of an author, but the NAR for the author is established in AACR2. How to create N/T NAR in this case, can we establish N/T NAR straightaway in RDA?
ANSWER: In order to create a Name/Title Name Authority Record (NAR) for a MARC21 240 tag in Resource Description & Access (RDA), the base  Name Authority Record (NAR) for the person has to be also in RDA first. If the base NAR for the person is in AACR2, then it should be converted to RDA. For example, please see lccn: 2012350684
  • Bibliographic Record

1000_ |a Jayabhikkhu,  |d 1908-1969,  |e author.
24010 |a Children's stories.  |k Selections
24510 |a Jayabhikkhunī śreshṭha bāḷavārtāo =  |b Jaybhikhkhuni shreshtha balvartao / |c śreṇī-sampādako, Yaśavanta Mahetā, Śraddhā Trivedī.
24631 |a Jaybhikhkhuni shreshtha balvartao
250__ |a Pahelī āvr̥tti.
264_1 |a Amadāvāda :  |b Gūrjara Grantharatna Kāryālaya,  |c 2011.
300__ |a 7, 152 pages :  |b illustrations ;  |c 21 cm.
336__ |a text  |2 rdacontent
337__ |a unmediated  |2 rdamedia
338__ |a volume  |2 rdacarrier
4900_ |a Gurjara bāḷavārtāvaibhava
520__ |a Representative collection of children's short stories.
546__ |a In Gujarati.
650_0 |a Children's stories, Gujarati.
[Source: Library of Congress Online Catalog: ]

  • NAR for Author Converted to RDA from AACR2

008920113n| azannaabn |a aaa
010__ |a n 89260083
035__ |a (OCoLC)oca03089021
040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |d DLC |d DLC-ON |d OCoLC |e rda
046__ |f 1908 |g 1969
053_0 |a PK1859.D368
1000_ |a Jayabhikkhu, |d 1908-1969
375__ |a male
377__ |a guj
4000_ |a Jayabhikhkhu, |d 1908-1969
4001_ |a Desāī, Bālābhāī, |d 1908-1969
4000_ |a Bālābhāī Vīracanda Desāī, |d 1980-1969
670__ |a Ṭhakkara, Naṭubhāī. Jayabhikkhu, vyaktitva ane vāṇmaya, 1991: |b t.p. (Jayabhikkhu) t.p. verso (Jayabhikhkhu)
670__ |a New Delhi MARC file, 10/15/91 |b (MLC hdg.: Jayabhikkhu, 1908-1969)
670__ |a New Delhi non-MARC file |b (hdg.: Desāī, Bālābhāī Vīracanda, 1908-1969; usage: Jayabhikkhu)

  • Name/Title NAR Created in RDA
LC control no.:n 2012217901
LCCN permalink:
HEADING:Jayabhikkhu, 1908-1969. Children’s stories. Selections
00000560cz a2200157n 450
008130625n| azannaabn |a aaa
010__ |a n 2012217901
040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |e rda
046__ |k 2012
1000_ |a Jayabhikkhu, |d 1908-1969. |t Children’s stories. |k Selections
370__ |g Ahmadābād, India
4000_ |a Jayabhikkhu, |d 1908-1969. |t Jayabhikkhunī śreshṭha bāḷavārtāo
4000_ |a Jayabhikkhu, |d 1908-1969. |t Jaybhikhkhunishreshtha balvartao
670__ |a Jayabhikkhunī śreshṭha bāḷavārtāo, 2011.

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