Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Additions to the Preferred Name--Personal Names

Making a unique Name Authority Record (NAR) for a Personal Name according to RDA rules

Additions to the name as instructed under–

• (9.4 and 9.6): Title or other designation associated with the person
–Required for certain names

• (9.3.2/9.3.3): Date of birth and/or death
–Give if available

• (9.5): Fuller form of name
–Add to differentiate (LC!)
Please remember that there has been a post-RDA Test policy change. LC will no longer routinely add fuller forms to authorized access point. LC will add only in cases of conflict. Those existing AACR2 headings with fuller forms will be “RDA acceptable” when the machine recodings of the LC/NACO Authority File take place.

• (9.3.4): Period of activity of person
–Add to differentiate

• (9.16): Profession or occupation
–Required for certain names; Can add to differentiate




Authority Records in the LC/NACO Authority File
LC practice/PCC practice: Consult the PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines for up-to-date instructions on the issues related to RDA and AACR2 authority records and their use in bibliographic records.
Giving Dates for Persons
LC Practice/PCC practice: If giving both a date of birth and a date of death or giving a span of dates for period of activity, separate the dates with a hyphen. If giving only a date of birth, use a hyphen after the date; do not use the term “born” with the date. If giving only a date of death, use a hyphen before the date; do not use the term “died” with the date. If giving a date or dates for period of activity, use “active” and “century” rather than the abbreviations “fl.” and “cent.” The term "active" should appear before the first period of activity date (e.g., "active 12th century) unless another term such as "jin shi" is used.
Differentiating Authorized Access Points for Persons
LC practice/PCC practice: Include the date of birth and date of death if available in the authorized access point for a person when creating a new name authority record. If an addition is needed to differentiate the authorized access point for one person from the authorized access point for another person, apply cataloger judgment when choosing to add one of the following (not listed in priority order) to the authorized access point being established: period of activity of the person, fuller form of name, and/or profession or occupation.
If there are no additions readily available to differentiate the access point in the new authority record, make an addition to the existing authorized access point.
Changes to Authorized Access Points for Persons
LC practice/PCC practice: On rare occasions, a person requests that the formulation of their authorized access point be changed (e.g., to remove a date of birth or a fuller form of name). LC and PCC should attempt to honor such requests by changing the appriopriate fields in the record, and indicate in a note that the person's preference has been followed.

(Based on LC RDA training materials and RDA Toolkit)