Sunday, December 29, 2013

Compilation with the original language and 2 translations : RDA Example


CASE: Compilation with the Original language and Translations in two Languages
Look at the following record from the LC Online Catalog and note the RDA cataloging treatment for preferred title:

010__ |a 2013317195
020__ |a 9789350870730
025__ |a I-San-2013-317195; 15
040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |e rda
0411_ |a eng |a hin |a san |h san
042__ |a lcode
05000 |a MLCSA 2013/01309 (P) |a PK3799.J36
1001_ |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya, |e author.
24510 |a Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭiḥ / |c Rasarājaviracitā = Rasaraja’s 62 small flowery stories = 62 kathākusuma / Rasarāja- viracitā ; edited with English & Hindi translation by Dr. Gargi C. Pandit, Dr. Kalpana V. Gandhi, Varda A. Vasa, Vaidehi C. Pandit, Kaushalya R. Rajpurohit, Kamakshi H. Jani.
24631 |a Rasaraja’s 62 small flowery stories
24631 |a 62 kathākusuma
264_1 |a Baroda : |b Savitri Prakashan, |c 2013.
300__ |a xxiv, 348 pages ; |c 22 cm
336__ |a text |2 rdacontent
337__ |a unmediated |2 rdamedia
338__ |a volume |2 rdacarrier
500__ |a Short stories.
546__ |a English, Hindi, and Sanskrit.
520__ |a Sanskrit short stories with English and Hindi translation.
7001_ |a Pandit, Gargi C., |e editor.
70012 |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi.
70012 |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi. |l English.
70012 |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi. |l Hindi.  (not provided in bibliographic record by the cataloger, as access for one/first translation is core, as given for English(second analytical); this (third) analytical entry can also be given, but is optional.

NOTE: NAR is created for the first two analytical entries.

LC control no.:n 2012218836
LCCN permalink:
HEADING:Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi
00000528cz a2200157n 450
008130903n| azannaabn |a aaa
010__ |a n 2012218836
040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |e rda
046__ |k 2013
1001_ |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi
370__ |g Vadodara, India
4001_ |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭiḥ
4001_ |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t 62 kathākusuma
670__ |a Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭiḥ, 2013.

LC control no.:n 2012218837
LCCN permalink:
HEADING:Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi. English
00000475cz a2200145n 450
008130903n| azannaabn |a aaa
010__ |a n 2012218837
040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |e rda
046__ |k 2013
1001_ |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi. |l English
370__ |g Vadodara, India
4001_ |a Jānī, Jayadeva Aruṇodaya. |t Rasaraja’s 62 small flowery stories
670__ |a Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭiḥ, 2013.


Question: In which case 240 and 7xx for original title to be there?

Answer: (with remarks from experts from LC) What we have here is a compilation with the original language and 2 translations. The 1st question we have to ask is for the preferred title, do we go 1. with the "commonly known" title (Kathākusumadvāṣaṣṭi … ) or 2. with the conventional collective title (Short stories. Selections … ). Here, it's best practice to go with the "commonly known" title. The 3 analytical 700s that you have given are correct. The 240 should not be used here in these situations (whenever there are more than one language presented).