Monday, November 5, 2012

RDA Authorities Cataloging Training Sequence

FRBR Modules
  • RDA: FRBR Fundamental Concepts
  • RDA: FRBR Practicum -- Applying the Concepts
  • RDA: FRBR, RDA, and MARC
Toolkit Module
  • RDA: Using the RDA Toolkit
RDA: Authorities I
  • MARC Fields for NARs
  • NARs for Personal Names: Introduction and Attributes
  • NARs for Personal Names: Access Points
  • NARs for Personal Names: AACR2 and RDA
RDA: Authorities II
  • Family Names
  • Corporate Names: Introduction and Attributes
  • Corporate Names: Authorized Access Points
  • Corporate Names: AACR2 and RDA
  • Geographic Names
  • Work/Expression NARs

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