Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Access to AACR2 via Cataloger’s Desktop after March 31, 2013

In January 2012 the Library of Congress announced that it would transition from AACR2 (Anglo-American

Cataloguing Rules, second edition) to RDA (Resource Description and Access) on March 31, 2013. AACR2 is currently available via LC’s web-based cataloging documentation subscription service, Cataloger’s Desktop, as well as through RDA Toolkit. In keeping with LC’s decision to switch from AACR2 to RDA, Cataloger’s Desktop will simultaneously change how access to AACR2 is provided.
On April 1, 2013, if you subscribe to both Cataloger’s Desktop and RDA Toolkit (which includes an online version of AACR2), you will continue to have access to AACR2. If you subscribe to Cataloger’s Desktop but not to RDA Toolkit and want online access to AACR2, you will need to establish an RDA Toolkit subscription at

To ease the impact of the transition, current Cataloger’s Desktop subscribers will get an additional month for FREE upon subscription renewal. That’s 13 months access to Cataloger’s Desktop at the regular annual subscription rate. This offer is only valid for subscription renewals from November 1, 2012, through October 31, 2013.

Note: AACR2 is the joint property of the American Library Association, Canadian Library Association, and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. Copyright © 2005. by ALA, CLA, and CILIP.

  • You must subscribe to RDA Toolkit if you wish to access AACR2 from within Desktop. 
Q: I know the AACR2 rule number and want to find related rules in RDA. Can I do that?

A: Yes. Just type the AACR2 rule number into the searchbox, enclose it in quotes (e.g., "1.1B1") and then click the Search button. All of the related RDA instructions will be retrieved. You may want to limit the search by selecting the checkbox next to RDA and/or LC-PCC PS.

(Source: CDS, LOC)