Monday, November 19, 2012

Appendices in RDA

RDA Appendices
A: Capitalization
B: Abbreviations
C: Initial Articles
D: Record Syntaxes for Descriptive Data
E: Record Syntaxes for Access Point Control
F: Additional Instructions on Names of Persons
G: Titles of Nobility, Terms of Rank, Etc.
H: Dates in the Christian Calendar
I: Relationship Designators: Relationships between a Resource and Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated with the Resource
J: Relationship Designators: Relationships between Works, Expressions, Manifestations, and Items
K: Relationship Designators: Relationships between Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies
L: Relationship Designators: Relationships Between Concepts, Objects, Events, and Places

[Source: RDA Toolkit]

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