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250 - Edition Statement (R) - MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full

250  Edition Statement (R)

Input Standards

Required if applicable/Required if applicable
1st Indicator  Undefined
blank characterUndefined
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank characterUndefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable)Input Standards
‡aEdition statement (R)Mandatory/Mandatory
‡bRemainder of edition statement (NR)Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡3Materials specified (NR)Optional/Optional


An edition statement is a word or phrase appearing in the resource that normally indicates a difference in either content or form between the resource and a related resource. An edition statement can often be identified by the use of words such as edition, issue, level, state, update, and version, or their equivalents in other languages. Numbers and/or statements of responsibility may also appear with an edition statement. Under RDA, the edition statement is a transcribed element and no abbreviations are used unless they appear in the source used for the edition statement.
250Edition 1965-1966.
250First edition, new corrected printing.
250Third impression (with minor revisions).
250Canadian edition.
250[Kindle edition].
250Level I, version 1.00.
2506th issue, 2nd printing.
250Update 3/1/83.
250[1st issue, unexpurgated].
250[2nd state with chandelier burnished from plate and figures of serving-boy, etc.].
2503rd draft, December 2014.
250Teacher's edition.
250Authorized French language edition.
250Interactive version.
250Medium voice range.
A statement of revision, including the word revised (or its equivalent in other languages) alone, with modifications, or as a modifier, is an edition statement.
250[Revised and up-to-date].
250Revised edition.
250Revised second edition.
250[Slightly revised].
250Neu revidiert.
An edition statement may include a personal, corporate, or family name as a statement of responsibility.
250Second edition / ‡b revised by M.C.F. Proctor.
250New and enlarged edition / ‡b by members of the staff of the Gardeners' Chronicle.
A phrase that includes only the word revised and a personal name, however, is not an edition statement. The following italicized phrases are statements of responsibility (use field 245 subfield ‡c), not edition statements.
24510Aristotle's ethics : ‡b writings from the complete works / ‡c revised, edited, and with an introduction by Jonathan Barnes and Anthony Kenny.
24500Sunspot numbers, 1610-1985 : ‡b based on "The sunspot activity in the years 1610-1960" / ‡c revised by John A. McKinnon.
A statement such as abridged or unabridged (or their equivalents in other languages) alone, with modifications, or as a modifier, is an edition statement.
250Abridged edition.
250Complete and unabridged edition.
A statement indicating the pre-publication state of a resource (proofs, galleys, advance copies, etc.) is an edition statement.
250Uncorrected page proof.
250Advance reader's copy.
250[Uncorrected galley].
250Prepublication copy.
250[Advance uncorrected proofs].
An edition statement may include information about new material.
2502nd ed. / ‡b edited with an introduction and notes by H.A. Rose, new impression.
[Source: OCLC]