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Changing Name Authority Record from AACR2 to RDA

  • Change the Descriptive cataloging rules (008/10) to "z", from "c" 
  • In the 040 add cataloging source, e.g. $d DLC (if it doesn't end with this already) and a $e rda.
  • Re-examine the record to see if the heading and also the references are according to RDA rules and LC-PCC PS (if applicable).

General guidelines

Do not create hybrid AACR2/RDA authorized access points in establishing new headings or in making additions to existing headings. Follow one cataloging code or the other in establishing authorized access points.

Catalogers making additions to AACR2 headings or making new headings based on existing AACR2 records will use AACR2 rules and appropriate LCRIs.  Catalogers making additions to RDA headings or making new headings based on existing RDA records will use RDA instructions.

AACR2 1XX fields that are suitable for use under RDA may be used as the base element in an extended RDA authorized access point (such as a name-title or subordinate body record).  When using an AACR2 1XX heading as the base element in an extended RDA authorized access point, the AACR2 authority record must be re-coded to RDA.  Optionally, any other existing dependent records may also be re-coded to RDA.

Approved PCC NACO Policies--Interim Documentation

In March 2012, the PCC Task Group to Formulate or Recommend PCC/NACO RDA Policy on Authority Issues recommended NACO policies and best practices on authority issues in the RDA environment. These policies and best practice recommendations were reviewed by the PCC Policy Committee and either approved as submitted, or approved with revisions.

Consolidated Table [PDF : 22 KB] summarizing all of the task group's recommended NACO policies and best practices, along with the PCC Policy Committee's action.

Individual recommendations: High Priority Recommendations (Word, 52 KB); Medium Priority Recommendations (Word, 29 KB); Low Priority Recommendations (Word, 22 KB)

The RDA Toolkit, the LC-PCC Policy Statements, and the Descriptive Cataloging Manual (DCM) Z1 will reflect the final PCC-approved decisions on the recommended NACO policies and best practices. In the interim, however, please consult this table along with the individual recommendations to identify these new PCC/NACO policies and best practices. The approved policies are in effect now. Some, but not all, specific policies and best practices are described in more detail below.

Conference headings and access points

If an AACR2 name authority record exists for an ongoing conference constructed according to LCRI 24.7B (i.e. the heading for the conference does not include the number date or place of any one specific conference), and the AACR2 heading is acceptable under RDA, PCC RDA-trained catalogers may use the AACR2 form to create RDA authorized access points for individual conferences. These RDA authorized access points will include additions such as number, date, and place, according to RDA The PCC Policy Committee approved the conference recommendation of the PCC Task Group to Formulate or Recommend PCC/NACO RDA Policy on Authority Issues, which allows an "unqualified" RDA conference authorized access point for an ongoing conference to exist along with individual qualified RDA conference authorized access points for the same conference. The "unqualified" RDA authorized access point would be used for serial publications; the qualified RDA authorized access point would be used for monographic publications.

Personal name headings and access points

If an existing AACR2 authority record for a personal name is an undifferentiated name record and there is now a date of birth, a date of death, a fuller form of name, or occupation for the person related to the resource being cataloged, create an RDA differentiated name authority record for that person, remove the appropriate 670 fields from the AACR2 undifferentiated record, and report the necessary bibliographic file maintenance.  For other situations, use the AACR2 undifferentiated authorized access point in the RDA bibliographic record.

Changes taking place in the LC/NACO Authority File

The LC/NACO Authority File is undergoing changes to accommodate RDA implementation. The changes are based on recommendations of the PCC Acceptable Headings Implementation Task Group. PCC catalogers should consult the document Summary of Programmatic Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File: What LC-PCC RDA Catalogers need to know as it contains critical information on working in the LC/NACO Authority File during the RDA transition.

7XX RDA fields in AACR2 authority records

Do not add 7XX fields for RDA forms to any AACR2 name authority record. The addition of an RDA 7XX field authorized during the US RDA Test has been discontinued.
For those name authority records that already contain 7XX fields for RDA forms:
  • If the 1XX and the 7XX in the AACR2 NAR is exactly the same, delete the 7XX. If you are an RDA trained cataloger, re-code the AACR2 NAR to RDA.
  • If the 1XX and the 7XX are not exactly the same, leave the NAR as is: do not remove the 7XX. This NAR will become part of a PCC project to recode the NARs to RDA after examination of the differences, etc.


  • Other than noted above, RDA catalogers may re-code an AACR2 authority record to RDA if there are no changes in the 1xx.
  • Do not change an RDA authority record to be an AACR2 authority record.

Write to the account if:

  • you have questions about existing headings
  • you need assistance in creating a new RDA authority record because your library is not using RDA for cataloging.
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