Wednesday, January 16, 2013

33X fields do not necessarily mean RDA

Recent questions to the Policy and Standards Division prompt this cautionary message about imported records. The presence of fields 336 (Content type), 337 (Media type), and 338 (Carrier type) in a bibliographic record does not in and of itself indicate RDA cataloging, since these fields may be used with non-RDA cataloging.  When these fields are present in a bibliographic record look for positive evidence of RDA cataloging:

            Ldr/18 (Descriptive cataloging form) = i (ISBD punctuation included) or c (ISBD
                        punctuation omitted)
            040 contains $e = rda

            If the value in Ldr/18 is neither "i" nor "c" and 040 contains $e = rda, rely on the
            evidence in field 040.

Alternatively, look for evidence of non-RDA cataloging, such as:

            Ldr/18 (Descriptive cataloging form) = a (AACR 2)
            040 does not contain $e = rda

            Another clue may be that terms are abbreviated in places that RDA would not
            abbreviate them, e.g.:

                    300 ## $a 296 p. $b ill., ports. (some col.)

Retain the 33X fields (or other RDA-defined details, such as relationship designators) already present in imported records regardless of whether the cataloging is RDA or non-RDA.

(Source: Kay Guiles, Policy and Standards Division, Library of Congress)

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