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C Landis - College & Research Libraries News, 2014
... provides short descriptions of each of the terms and links out to more in-depth descriptions and
standards. ... Although still in its adolescence, BIBFRAME's emphasis on relationships between
resources means that much of the duplication encountered ... Access: ...

Cataloging for School Librarians

M Kelsey - 2014

[PDF] Introduction to linked data

TP Meehan - Catalogue and Index, 2014
... and preferably one where more information can be found, potentially with further links to yet more
resources. ... Resource Description Framework (RDF). ... xml:lang="en" content="Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-
1966"></div> <div rel="mads:hasExactExternalAuthority" resource="http://viaf ...

[PDF] Bibframe

TP Meehan - Catalogue and Index, 2014
... of these are necessarily the same thing as the WorldCat Work described by Richard Wallis as:
a high-level description of a ... preview-194-million-open-
bibliographic-work-descriptions/ ... ...
American Library Association
CHICAGO — The newest print accumulation of RDA: Resource Description and Access is now available.RDA: Resource Description and Access ...

Multi-Entity Models of Resource Description in the Semantic Web: A comparison of FRBR, RDA, and BIBFRAME

T Baker, K Coyle, S Petiya - Library Hi Tech, 2014
... Bibliographic Entities Seen as Single-Resource Descriptions In practical terms, the ultimate
purpose of multi-entity bibliographic models is to distribute the description of bibliographic
resources over multiple data sources which can, in principle, be separately maintained, and ...

ISBD as Bibliographic Content Standard: Interweaving Threads, Contemplating a Future

LC Howarth - Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 2014
... The ISBD provides consistent stipulations for descriptions of all types of published ... stipulations
for specific types of resources as required to describe those resources. ... FRBR framework—itself
an essential component of standards, such as RDA: Resource Description and Access. ...

The Origins and Making of the ISBD: A Personal History, 1966–1978

  • Michael Gorman

ISBD, the UNIMARC Bibliographic Format, and RDA: Interoperability Issues in Namespaces and the Linked Data Environment

  • Mirna Willer and Gordon Dunsire

ISBD Resource and Its Description in the Context of the Semantic Web

  • Carlo Bianchini and Mirna Willer

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