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245 - Title Statement - MARC21

245 - Title Statement (Non Repeatable)

Title and statement of responsibility area of the bibliographic description of a work.

Title proper is the chief name of a resource.  It is the focus for identifying the preferred source of information.  An alternative title is treated as part of the title proper.  The title proper excludes any parallel titles proper, other title information, and parallel other title information. 

Field 245 contains the title, other title information and statement of responsibility, as well as the numerical designation of a part or section and the name of a part or section. The title is recorded exactly as to wording, spelling and diacritical marks, but not necessarily as to order and punctuation.

Source of Information

If the information does not appear on a source forming part of the resource itself, take it from one of the following sources (in order of preference):
a)      accompanying material (e.g., a leaflet, an “about” file)
b)      a container that is not issued as part of the resource itself (e.g., a box, case made by the owner)
c)      other published descriptions of the resource
d)     any other available source (e.g., a reference source)

In RDA when there is no title provided within the resource itself, it may be taken from an external source with the appropriate note added. A statement of responsibility appearing in any area of the resource may be transcribed. Information from outside of the resource may be included, enclosed in square brackets.

In AACR2 the chief source of information is the title page. If there is no title page, use the part of the item supplying the most complete information, whether this is the cover (excluding a book jacket), half title page, caption, colophon, running title or other part. If information traditionally given on the title page is given on facing pages without repetition or with only partial repetition, consider these pages together as the chief source. Do not combine separate title pages or added title pages. When no statement of responsibility is given on the chief source, but information appears prominently on the title page verso, pages preceding the title page, or cover, the information is transcribed as remainder of title and enclosed in square brackets.

First Indicator: Title added entry
0 - No added entry 
1 - Added entry 

1st Indicator
Title added entry. A value that specifies whether a title access point is made.
0 - No added entry. No title access point is made. Value 0 is used when field 1xx is not present in the record.

245 0 0 [Man smoking at window].
245 0 3 Le bureau = ‡b La Oficina = Das Büro.
1 - Added entry. A title access point is made. Value 1 is used only when field 1xx is present in the record.

245 1 0 Cancer research : ‡b official organ of the American Association for Cancer Research Inc.
245 1 0 [Nocturne, dance house].
245 1 0 Statistics : ‡b facts or fiction.

Second Indicator: Nonfiling characters
0 - No nonfiling characters 
1-9 - Number of nonfiling characters 

2nd Indicator
Nonfiling characters. The number of character positions associated with a definite or indefinite article (e.g., An, Le, or The) at the beginning of a title that are disregarded in sorting and filing processes.
0 - No nonfiling characters. No initial article character positions are disregarded. Use value 0 if the title does not begin with an article.

245 1 0 Harvard project manager.
245 1 0 War of the worlds : ‡b a graphic novel adapted from the classic tale of an alien invasion by H.G. Wells / ‡c written by Stephen Stern ; illustrated by Arne Starr ; lettering and special effects, Dane Cote ; art production, Bill Maus.
245 0 0 A to Z drug facts / ‡c [editor, David S. Tatro ; assistant editor, Lawrence R. Borgsdorf].
Diacritical marks or special characters at the beginning of a title field that does not begin with an initial article are not counted as nonfiling characters.

245 0 0 [Diary].
245 1 0 ... as others see us ... : ‡b for mixed ensemble / ‡c James MacMillan.

1-9 - Number of nonfiling characters present. A non-zero value indicates that a title begins with a definite or indefinite article that is disregarded in sorting and indexing processes. Any diacritical mark, space, mark of punctuation associated with the article, and any space or mark of punctuation preceding the first filing character is included in the count of nonfiling characters.

Any diacritic or special character associated with the first filing character is not included in the count of nonfiling characters.

245 0 4 The year book of medicine.
245 0 5 [The part of Pennsylvania that lies between the forks of the Susquehannah, divided into townships].
245 1 2 A report to the legislature for the year...
245 1 2 L'enfant criminel / ‡c Pierre Bellemare, Jean-François Nahmias ; avec la collaboration de Jacqueline Hiégel.
245 1 2 L'été / ‡c Nick Winnick.
245 1 3 An A-Z of employment law : ‡b a complete reference source for managers / ‡c Peter Chandler.
245 1 5 The "winter mind" : ‡b William Bronk and American letters / ‡c Burt Kimmelman.
245 1 5 "The eye that never sleeps" : ‡b a history of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency / ‡c Frank Morn.
245 1 8 ... the serpent-snapping eye : ‡b trumpet, percussion, piano, and 4-channel computer-synthesized sound / ‡c Roger Reynolds.
245 1 8 The ... annual report to the Governor.

Subfield Codes
$a - Title (NR) 
$b - Remainder of title (NR) 
$c - Statement of responsibility, etc. (NR) 
$f - Inclusive dates (NR) 
$g - Bulk dates (NR) 
$h - Medium (NR)
$k - Form (R) 
$n - Number of part/section of a work (R) 
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R) 
$s - Version (NR) 
$6 - Linkage (NR) 
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)

‡a Title - The title proper and alternative title, excluding the designation of the number or name of a part. Use also for the first title of separate works (by the same or different authors/composers) in a collection lacking a collective title.

‡b Remainder of title - The remainder of the title information. The data includes parallel titles, titles subsequent to the first (in terms lacking a collective title), and other title information. Do not repeat subfield ‡b when more than one parallel title, subsequent title, and/or other title information is given in the field.

‡c Statement of responsibility, etc.  - The first statement of responsibility and/or remaining data in the field that has not been coded in one of the other subfields. Once subfield ‡c has been recorded, no further subfield coding of field 245 is possible.

‡n Number of part/section of a work - The number designation for a part/section of a work used in a title. Numbering is defined as an indication of sequencing in any form (e.g., Book two, Part 1, or Supplement A). Multiple numberings for a part/section are contained in a single subfield ‡n. Separate multiple numberings with a comma. In music titles, the serial, opus, or thematic index numbers are generally not contained in subfield ‡n.

‡p Name of part/section of a work - A name designation of a part/section of a work.
In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield ‡p follows a period ( . ) when it is preceded by subfield ‡a, subfield ‡b, or another subfield ‡p. Subfield ‡p follows a comma ( , ) when it follows subfield ‡n.


      AACR2 record for a monograph:
            245 $a Teusday’s [i.e. Tuesday’s] tasks
      RDA record for this monograph:
            245 $a Teusday’s tasks
      246 $i Corrected title: $a Tuesday’s tasks

      RDA record for a serial:
            245 $a Zoology studies
      246 $i Misspelled title on number 1: $a Zooology studies 

245    12    L'enfant ...
245    14    The flowers of India
245    10    Library and information science education
245    12    L'éte
245    10    --as others see us
245    16    --the serpent--snapping eye

Source reads:               Dr. Logan Carroll, Harvard Medical School
RDA/LCPS say:         245 … / $c Dr. Logan Carroll, Harvard Medical School.
RDA allows:               245 … / $c Dr. Logan Carroll.

AACR2:                      245 $a … / $c by Susan Brown … [et al.].
RDA allows:               245 $a … / $c by Susan Brown [and four others].
RDA/LCPS say:         245 $a … / $c by Susan Brown, Melanie Carlson, Stephen Lindell, Kevin Ott, and Janet Wilson.

245   10   Love... in Tokyo

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