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RDA Toolkit Release (April 22, 2014)

TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content
TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs
TOPIC 3: Functional Changes in the RDA Toolkit

TOPIC 1: Changes in RDA Content
There are two types of changes in the RDA content for this update: 1) the third annual major update to RDA based on the decisions made by the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) at their November 2013 meeting; and 2)  “Fast Track” changes that are relatively minor and typical of a release update.
Revisions from JSC actions:
The attached document (Summary of 2014 rda updates.docx) identifies highlights from the changes to RDA due to the JSC update (see link below).  Many of the changes in this update package are due to re-numbering of instructions and references (without a change in actual content) and are not included in the attached listing.  The changes will appear with the “revision history” icon in the RDA Toolkit.  A complete listing of all changes due to the proposal process will appear in the left-side table of contents pane on the RDA tab in the toolkit, at the bottom under “RDA Update History”—you will see an additional entry there for the “2014 April Update.”  To help you focus on the more important changes to the instructions, some parts of the attached summary have been highlighted in yellow to draw your attention.

Relationship Designators for Contributors
The relationship designator for “editor of compilation” has been deleted, and the concept incorporated into a revised relationship designator for “editor.”

Fast Track changes
An attached PDF file (see link below) identifies the "Fast Track" changes to RDA that will be included in this release (6JSC-Sec-12-rev.pdf); Fast Track changes are not added to the RDA Update History.  Among the changes most likely to be of interest to LC staff: The instruction has been changed from “transcribe the statement of projection” to “record the projection of cartographic content” because other cartographic content attributes are recorded.
There are several new and revised relationship designators for Appendix J including these:
opera adaptation of (work)   Reciprocal relationship: adapted as opera (work)
container of (work)  [replaces contains (work)]
music (work)  Reciprocal relationship: music for (work)
continuation in part of (work)   [replaces continues in part (work)]
replacement in part of (work)   [replaces supersedes in part (work)]
replacement of (work)     Reciprocal relationship: replaced by (work)  [replaces supersedes (work) and superseded by (work)]
merged to form (work)   [replaces merged with … to form … (work)]
There are several new and revised relationship designators for Appendix K including these:
member   [replaces group member]
corporate body  [replaces group member of]
component of a merger
corporate member
membership corporate body
predecessor of split
There are several new and revised glossary terms including these:
Image File
Unnumbered Leaf
Unnumbered Page
TOPIC 2: Change in Content in LC-PCC PSs
A summary of LC-PCC PS updates incorporated in this release is attached (LCPCCPS_changes_2014_April.doc) (see link below).  Many of the changes to the LC-PCC PSs are related to RDA changes (re-numbering, new references, etc.).  Several PSs are being deleted because the content has been incorporated into RDA itself or the RDA update makes the PS obsolete (e.g., to remove reference to the PCC interim guidelines on treaties).  Significant changes to PSs you should be aware of:  New statement to record LC practice/PCC practice for a new Optional addition.  For new authority records, catalogers may apply the option to supply “Other Designation Associated with a Person” in the authorized access point. For existing authority records, unless otherwise changing an existing heading (e.g., conflict, incorrect dates), do not change an existing AACR2 or RDA heading merely to add an “other designation”.  Re-captioned to “Type of Corporate Body” due to changes in RDA; guidelines applying to access points formerly found in the Policy Statement at have been moved here.  New alternative guidelines on using the spelled-out forms of a preferred name that is an initialism or acronym have been provided. and 16.4:  Revised the U.S. Townships section in each of these PSs.
TOPIC 3: Functional Changes in the RDA Toolkit
An excerpt from ALA Publishing on the updates to the functionality of the RDA Toolkit with this release is found at the end of this email.
The next planned release of the RDA Toolkit will be in August 2014, although the update is most likely to impact functional changes to the Toolkit, and synchronization of translations.  The October 2014 release will include content updates for RDA and the LC-PCC PSs.
The documents attached to this email may also be found on the Web:
LC Summary of 2014 RDA Updates:   
Fast Track entries included in the April 2014 update of the RDA Toolkit:
Changes in LC-PCC Policy Statements in the April 2014 release of the RDA Toolkit:

[Source: Library of Congress]

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