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Conventional Collective title / Uniform title : Questions and Answers


Question : Is it allowed to give 240 conventional collective title / uniform title in following example:

010__ |a 2012352243
020__ |a 9788179171615 (hb)
020__ |z 9788179171623 (pb)
025__ |a I-H-2012-352243; 21-92
037__ |b Library of Congress -- New Delhi Overseas Office
040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |e rda |d DLC
0411_ |a hin |h hin |h nep
042__ |a lcode |a pcc
043__ |a a-np---
05000 |a DS495.6 |b .P67 2011
1000_ |a Pracaṇḍa, |d 1944- |e interviewee.
24010 |a Interviews. |k Selections
24510 |a Evaresṭa para Lāla jhaṇḍā : |b Nepāla ke Māovādī netā Pracaṇḍa se bātacīta / |c sampādaka Ānanda Svarūpa Varmā.
264_1 |a Dillī : |b Grantha Śilpī (Iṇḍiyā) Prāiveṭa Limiṭeḍa, |c 2011.
300__ |a 357 pages ; |c 22 cm
336__ |a text |2 rdacontent
337__ |a unmediated |2 rdamedia
338__ |a volume |2 rdacarrier
520__ |a Collection of interviews with Pracanda, born 1944, Nepali politician and chairman of the Nepāla Kamyunishṭa Pārṭī (Māovādī) on the current political scene, Maoist movement, civil war, and insurgency in Nepal.
546__ |a In Hindi; includes articles translated from English and Nepali.
60000 |a Pracaṇḍa, |d 1944- |v Interviews.
650_0 |a Politicians |z Nepal |v Interviews.
61020 |a Nepāla Kamyunishṭa Pārṭī (Māovādī) |v Interviews.
651_0 |a Nepal |x Politics and government |y 1990-
651_0 |a Nepal |x History |y Civil War, 1996-2006.
650_0 |a Insurgency |z Nepal

Answer : The relevant RDA rule for this case is - Complete Works in a Single Form which prescribes to Record one of the conventional collective titles as the preferred title for a compilation of works that consists of, or purports to be, the complete works of a person, family, or corporate body, in one particular form such as: Correspondence, Novels, Speeches, Lyrics, etc ...

Comment : Remember that is not a closed list so you can choose whatever term is appropriate if it’s not already listed there. As this a compilation of Pracanda’s interviews, the 240 is correct. Under RDA, the decision to create a conventional collective title (formerly “uniform title”) based on whether the title proper is adequate or not (as we used to under AACR2, .cf LCRI 25.10) no longer applies.



I.2 - Relationship Designators for Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated with a Work

According to RDA Appendix: I.2.1 Relationship Designators for Creators

interviewee : A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating a work by responding to an interviewer, usually a reporter, pollster, or some other information gathering agent.

interviewer A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating a work by acting as an interviewer, reporter, pollster, or some other information gathering agent.

[Revised May, 6 2015]

[Source: LC online catalog and RDA Toolkit]