Saturday, March 8, 2014

Editor of Compilation vs Compiler


RDA Relationship Designators : Editor of Compilation vs Compiler 

The editor of a compilation, as defined in I.3.1, is not a creator of a work and thus has to be treated as a 700, not a 100.

On the other hand, a compiler (for example of a dictionary, a directory, a bibliography, etc.) can be considered a creator (see I.2.1) and thus can be treated as a 100.

Expert remarks by Aaron KupermanLaw Librarian, Library of Congress A good rule of thumb is that a compilation needs to consist of works that can (and should) be listed in the contents note.

According to RDA Toolkit: I.2.1 Relationship Designators for Creators: 

Compiler : A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating a new work (e.g., a bibliography, a directory) by selecting, arranging, aggregating, and editing data, information, etc. For a compiler as a contributor, see editor at I.3.1.

According to RDA Toolkit: I.3.1 Relationship Designators for Contributors: 
EditorA person, family, or corporate body contributing to an expression of a work by revising or clarifying the content, or by selecting and putting together works, or parts of works, by one or more creators. Contributions may include adding an introduction, notes, or other critical matter, or preparing the expression of a work for production, publication, or distribution. For major revisions, adaptations, etc., that substantially change the nature and content of the original work, resulting in a new work, see author at I.2.1.

I.2 - Relationship Designators for Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated with a Work
I.3 - Relationship Designators for Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated with an Expression


Relationship Designators for Contributors
The relationship designator for “editor of compilation” has been deleted, and the concept incorporated into a revised relationship designator for “editor.”

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