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RDA Example : Translations in RDA : RDA vs AACR2 : Book with both the Original Work and its Translation

Following RDA example shows how RDA differs from AACR2 in regards to  books with text in both the original language and its translation(s). This book has both the original work (in Sanskrit) and its English translation.

Under AACR2, it would have been easier to see that there's a translation as there would have been a 240 of:

240 10 ‡a Pūyamēhavijñāna. ‡l English & Sanskrit

Under RDA, there is no longer a 240 for this situation. Rather, there are 2 700s:

700 12 ‡a Koṭīśvaraśāstrī, Vēmpaṭi. ‡t Pūyamēhavijñāna. [for the original in Sanskrit]

700 12 ‡a Koṭīśvaraśāstrī, Vēmpaṭi. ‡t Pūyamēhavijñāna. ‡l English. [for the English translation]

010__ |a 2009345913
025__ |a I-E-2009-345913; 44

040__ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |d DLC |e rda
0411_ |a eng |a san |h san
042__ |a lcode |a pcc
05000 |a RC202 |b .K67 2007
1001_ |a Koṭīśvaraśāstrī, Vēmpaṭi.
24510 |a Aupasargikatantrāntargata Pūyamēha vijn̄ānam / |c Vempati Kōṭēśvara Śāstri Gāru, Nāgalingam Viśvanāṭha Śāstri Gāru ; translation with critical commentary, M. Srinivasulu, C. Narmada Reddy ; chief editor, G.S. Lavekar ; editor, A. Narayana.
2463_ |a Pūyamēha vijn̄ānam
250__ |a First edition.
264_1 |a Nai Dilli : |b Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha, |c 2007.
300__ |a xvii, 228 pages ; |c 25 cm
336__ |a text |2 rdacontent
337__ |a unmediated |2 rdamedia
338__ |a volume |2 rdacarrier
546__ |a In English and Sanskrit |b (Sanskrit in roman and Devanagari).
520__ |a Gonorrhea management within the theoretical and practical framework of ayurvedic principles.
504__ |a Includes bibliographical references (page 228).
650_0 |a Gonorrhea |x Ayurvedic treatment.
650_0 |a Medicine, Ayurvedic.
7001_ |a Viśvanāthaśāstri, Nāgalingam.
7001_ |a Lavekar, G. S.
7001_ |a Nārāyaṇa, Alā.
7001_ |a Srinivasulu, M.
7001_ |a Narmada Reddy, C.
70012 |a Koṭīśvaraśāstrī, Vēmpaṭi. |t Pūyamēhavijñāna.
70012 |a Koṭīśvaraśāstrī, Vēmpaṭi. |t Pūyamēhavijñāna. |l English.
7102_ |a Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (India)

When you do shelflisting, look out for clues such as the above that will help you know that there is a translation involved. And remember to apply the Translation Table from G 150 to the call number.


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