Friday, October 12, 2012


(source: Library of Congress Website 10/2/12)

The Library of Congress and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging are pleased to announce a title change of the "Library of Congress Policy Statements" to "Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements" (LC-PCC PSs) effective with the October 2012 release of the RDA Toolkit. The new title reflects the ongoing collaboration of LC and PCC in adopting a single set of policy statements, with clear labels indicating any differences in application. Adding "PCC Practice" statements has already begun, and will be ongoing until completed; developing new policy statements, negotiating changes to existing statements, etc., will be an ongoing activity shared by LC and PCC.
Current Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PSs) are freely available as part of the RDA Toolkit. Go to Access the RDA Toolkit External Link and click on the "Resources" tab; a license to the Toolkit is not required. This allows fast and easy access through a single source to the most current policy information. Copies of LC-LCC PSs are also available in Cataloger's Desktop.