Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Resource Description and Access (RDA) Traffic Stats

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RDA Blog is a blog on Resource Description and Access (RDA), a new library cataloging standard that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery, organized based on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), intended for use by libraries and other cultural organizations replacing Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2). RDA Blog lists description and links to resources on Resource Description & Access (RDA). It is an attempt to bring together at one place all the useful and important information, rules, references, news, and links on Resource Description and AccessFRBRFRADFRSADMARC standardsAACR2BIBFRAME, and other items related to current developments and trends in library cataloging practice.

Author: Salman Haider


RDA Blog HistoryRDA Blog is the first and oldest blog exclusively devoted to Resource Description and Access  (RDA). RDA Blog was created by Salman Haider, a Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, Wikipedian, Blogger & Online Social Media Expert from India. RDA Blog embarked on its journey to provide useful information about Resource Description and Access (RDA) in August 2011. It received good response from librarians, catalogers, and library professionals from all around the world. It is interesting to note that the first hundred thousand pageviews to RDA Blog came in 3 years, but it took just 8 months to reach another hundred thousand pageviews. As per RDA Blog Traffic Stats [2016-01-26] RDA Blog is viewed more than 400000 times in 167 countries all around the world, chiefly being the United States. At present, it is viewed at a rate of fifteen to twenty thousand times per month. RDA Blog is widely followed in social media, referred by major universities, libraries, and library schools, cited in books and articles, and trusted as an authoritative source on Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloging rules.
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